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Home Grown Om

I’m not sure what we expected when we started this little venture – but I can tell you what we found.

We found an entire community of people who are changing the world. A community of individuals who span the widest breadth of genders, races, backgrounds, spiritual practices, locations. Bridging these gaps in lifestyle is a common thread that cannot be easily articulated. Every soul we’ve come into contact with has shined with love, but not just
in the familial sense. The love is shared with a fierceness; an urgency. As though the encouragement and support had no choice but to jump through the wide spaces to connect us with one another. It is a community that radiates. A community with a mission that is complex and multifaceted. Consisting of compassion, friendship, expression, support, love, self care, trust, respect, individualism and the collective human spirit. This community encompasses so much that to try and wrap it all into words would be a disservice. Magick is being constantly being created and perpetuated by the combined efforts of
these people. We wanted to harness some of that energy in a way that was authentic; directly from the source.

Our idea is to compile powerful words from you – the makers of magick. Mantras, chants, sayings – any shortly stated sentiment that you use in the ever evolving practice of being you. Give us your soul statement. Tell us the story behind it. Share with us the meaning behind any assembly of words that gives you strength.

We’re going to read every single submission, and choose the ones that best fit our vision for an affirmation deck. Our hope is that we will be able to share inspiration directly from our fellow light workers– i.e. – you. So please, share yourself with us. Be brave and bold. Honest and vulnerable. Be authentically, wonderfully you.

Please note that your submission is your release for us to print and publish what you share.  If chosen, the manta would be included in the hand lettered deck, and your story within the guidebook. You’re welcome to submit anonymously. We ask for your website so that we may share with the community your unique contribution. Feel free to substitute your Instagram, or any other media you’d like to showcase. Your words are a gift, and we thank you for sharing them.