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about eoo

Natty and Amanda first met back in 2010, when they were both in very different places in life. Amanda was in a serious relationship with Natty's brother and visiting his family for the first time. Meanwhile, Natty was about to start her college journey at SCAD after graduating high school. They became instant friends.

It wasn't long before Amanda introduced Natty to the world of divination, tarot, and all things witchy. Amanda had been interested in the craft since the 90s, during the time of the Satanic Panic and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She bought her first set of Tarot cards when she was still in middle school, and has been reading ever since.

Natty, on the other hand, was drawn to divination as a way to navigate her new adventure. As the years went by, the two bonded over their shared love of art, music, and all things magical.

However, they both found the gatekeeping tendencies in the witchcraft community both frustrating and absurd. So, they decided to team up and create the ExtraOrdinary Oracle - a divination deck rooted in down-to-earth, familiar symbols. They packed the first printing in Amanda's living room back in 2015, and ExtraOrdinary Oracle has been evolving ever since.

Together, they became advocates for the witchcraft and art community in Nashville, TN. They set their focus on community connection and an abundance mindset. With this spirit of inclusiveness, they were able to enjoy success alongside some of the most talented creators in the area.

Recently, Amanda relocated to Los Angeles and Natty moved to Palm Beach, FL. But their mission to dismantle gatekeeping in the Witchcraft community remains strong. They believe that everyone is innately divine and capable of influencing the world for the better, and that magic is for everyone - no exceptions.