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About us

ExtraOrdinary Oracle is the quixotic passion project of two starry-eyed girls who, with their powers combined, are seeking to break the boundaries between the mundane and magick. As a veteran card reader bored with the overtly esoteric decks, I wondered if there was a way to bring divination to people’s daily lives without the time commitment and study required by Tarot. Inspired by minutiae and magick, I started to scribble notes in the back of my planner for a deck that required no learning. Natty, newly graduated from SCAD and bursting at the seams with ideas, started to sketch. From there it was working lunches regarding paper quality. Friday nights with friends discussing packaging. There was first drafts, second drafts, revisions, and occasionally, starting from scratch. Almost a year had passed before the first copy of ExtraOrdinary Oracle was in hand. Next, it was long weekends hand-stitching booklets and stamping bags while we binged on bad movies. With butterflies in our stomach and love in our hearts, we released our fledgling deck out into the great big world.

While the terms “quixotic” might make our quest seem idealistic, we embrace it. We embrace the vastness of each individual, and the complex nature of countless different realities contained within. It’s that infiniteness that keeps our small, humble mission pressing forward. In the great vastness, there are countless moments of synchronicity, beauty, compassion, connection, and the shared human experience. We hold those moments in the highest reverence and receive them as gifts from the universe. ExtraOrdinary Oracle is a tool to help brush of the dust of the everyday; a way to find wonder in each corner of our lives.

Amanda has been a witch forever but has read cards for only 15 years. Her favorite things are storms, dogs, dancing badly, and strange documentaries.

Natty is a jack of all trades with a passion of comics, hand-lettering, and design. She enjoys the company of the elderly (they have the best stories) and cannot wait to cherish her very own "golden years."