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bachelorette parties

You’ve already hit the Honkey Tonks with your girl gang, but you need to keep the bachelorette party going despite some pretty serious hangovers.

Intimate, insightful and absolutely unforgettable parties are conjured up at ExtraOrdinaryOracle Studios, featuring Nashville’s No Nonsense Witch, Amanda.

 Join us in our private studio inside 100 Taylor, Germantown. Fully stocked with everything a witch might need, we will concentrate the space and make some magick!

After the bottles are popped and toasts are made (with a witchy twist!) Amanda will break out the cards. That’s when the magick happens.

 Amanda’s readings are honest, insightful, and magicakly on point. She doesn’t believe in telling your future so much as taking a serious look at the energies in your current path. With her collection of over 100 decks, she will match your vibez to a unique deck, and walk you through your one-of-a-kind reading.

You and your friends will take turns exploring the cards messages for each other. Between the laughs, I told ya so’s, and sometimes even tears, you’ll be making a memory of a lifetime.

The bride receives an additional relationship + sex reading to celebrate her upcoming nuptials and a custom witch’s spell bottle to attract loving energies.

Do something different than Broadway and boots. Channel your spirit diva, and stir up some magick!

Party Pricing starts as low as $250 for a party of 4. Includes private studio, champagne, readings, gift spell bottle for the bride, and a keepsake for each member of the party.

$100 deposit due at booking of date. Additional funds must be paid one week in advance of the party.

To book a private event, email us at

Due to the time commitment of these parties, no refund will be offered.


Amanda has been a witch since she was born. No, really. Born during the worst thunderstorm in 100 years in a hospital running on only generators, she popped into this world with a mohawk and that just foreshadowed everything. She’s been studying the craft for a lifetime, and has been a card reader since middle school (that’s 15 years ago, fyi). She wrote The ExtraOrdinary Oracle to share her brand of practical, working, real world magick, which she continues to share through her readings.